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Position:Crude oil prices

analysis of spot market of 2 Asias crude

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Zhou Erya continent enlighten do obeisance to futures of crude oil of west of follow at sb' heels of crude oil merchandise on hand to continue to rise. Will deliver the goods in May enlighten every pails of 61.57 dollars when doing obeisance to crude oil merchandise on hand to receive city, day trades to rise before comparing 0.57 dollars. In June / in May enlighten do obeisance to crude oil price difference every pails of 0.64 dollars; Cloth human relations is special in May / enlighten do obeisance to crude oil period to show exchange value every pails of price difference 2.63 dollars, cloth human relations is special in June / enlighten do obeisance to period show exchange value every pails of price difference 2.87 dollars. In May Dapisi / crude oil period shows Bulunte exchange price difference every pails of 3.65 dollars.

Australia western coastal week is pulled assault by typhonic card, bring about this country at least 162 thousand pails oil day production is interrupted. Predicting typhoon of atmosphere orgnaization forecast helps this nation the intensity of card will be strengthened further.

Be played an effect by intertropical hurricane card, australia a few oil field are forced to shut, the Asia pledges spot market of low sulfur crude has the tendency that rise gently, but oil price rises to control the buying party possibly purchase interest, may go up to oil price thereby seal a top.

Australia western area northwest is a few more coastal main oil field still is shut. Wu Desai gets a company to say, everyday crop vanward oil field still shuts 100 thousand pails Kesake, and the boring tower of a few float of the company still does not have Sangtuosi to join afresh its daily output 55 thousand pails Mutineer-Exeter oil field, this oil field is in on Sunday already stop production.

Because supply decreases, the Australia that will deliver the goods May pledges the division Sa of low sulfur overcomes crude oil to assess value gently index of price of oil of oily Asia of every pails of Pi Siyuan that compare a tower is high 2 dollars.

Trade business thinks, after crude oil of a few Malaysia at the beginning of the month clinchs a deal, the trend that oil price rises depends on the change that demand increases. As a result of current higher oil price, asian buyer is interested in the West Africa crude oil that can replace, demand of such market of crude of may low to Asia-Pacific area sulfur generate pressure.

The demand that predicts Japanese public utility is driving however will support market of crude of heavy qualitative low sulfur. Pledge in the Indonesia that will deliver the goods May allegedly crude oil of low sulfur Du Li every pails with price of prep above contract 2.9 dollars work off, than April the premium of every pails of 4.7 dollars hauls freight somewhat wide.

Company of power of Japanese north land shut a nuclear reactor, the start working rate of predicting heat and power plant will increase, may buy more fuel oil to perhaps buy more direct flaming crude oil thereby.
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