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Weather turns warm Oupeike does not decrease petroliferous price to drop split 6

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Because American weather will turn,warm, europe admire overcomes this week to will decide reduction of output no longer, zhou Yi oil price drops to 59 dollars the following. The Comex when Zhou Yi closing quotation pledges gently crude oil in April futures every pails of 58.91 dollars, day trades to drop before comparing 1.14 dollars; London intercontinental bourse cloth human relations is special crude oil in April 60.74 dollars of futures, drop 0.39 dollars; New York warms oneself oily in April futures every gallon 168.23 cent, drop 2.99 cent; RBOB benzine in April futures every gallon 191.01 cent, rise 0.84 cent; London intercontinental bourse in April derv futures closing quotation of every tons of 536.25 dollars, with before one trade day keeps balance.

IAF Advisors is stationed in cease Sidui considers to be in charge of Kyle Cooper to express: "It seems that Oupeike will agree consistently to keep current quota. They discuss probably only about OK and cogent the rules regulations that reduces oil output. They discuss probably only about OK and cogent the rules regulations that reduces oil output..

The oil minister of Qatar and A couplet chief of a tribe expresses, the effect that the reduction of output previously plans to execute " first-rate " , this makes Oupeike does not need again reduction of output. Because American weather is calefacient,will reduce fuel demand, crude price falls again.

The commodity analyst Edward Meir that firm of banking of American graceful family name is stationed in Kangniedige says in a report, "The conference that Zhou Siou admire overcomes won't alleviate at present the bovine city of oil price, this forestall organization will continue to carry plan of current reduction of output. But future the 6 air temperature that reach 10 days the United States prep above normal temperature. Can end eventually in the winter it seems that. Can end eventually in the winter it seems that..

Ou Peike will be mixed on the conference December two times in October last year affirmatory reduction of output, add up to reduce 1.7 million daily output, warm oneself in order to make up for as a result of what warm winter brings about oily slow down in demand, make new York oil price maintains in every pails of 60 dollars.

Ou Peike will on March 15 to sit a meeting discusses output of oil of whole world of the 2nd quarter and demand. Zhou Yi is in Adiya of Qatar oil minister enlighten do obeisance to pair of reporters to express: "Want oil price to maintain present level only, ou Peike does not need reassume any actions. " Hamili of minister of oil of A couplet chief of a tribe also says to the reporter: "Effect of reduction of output is first-rate, and be in all the time perfect ceaselessly. And be in all the time perfect ceaselessly..

The Jakob Schoechli of Swiss bank Clariden Leu says: "Want oil price to hold a range that feels appropriate in them only inside, won't appear short-term reduction of output, oil price appeared to comparative to fluctuate greatly last month, accordingly Oupeike also can preserve certain flexibility. Accordingly Oupeike also can preserve certain flexibility..
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