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analysis of spot market of 3 Asias crude

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Zhou Sanya continent enlighten do obeisance to futures of crude oil of west of follow at sb' heels of crude oil merchandise on hand to continue to rise. Will deliver the goods in May enlighten every pails of 63.03 dollars when doing obeisance to crude oil merchandise on hand to receive city, day trades to rise before comparing 1.46 dollars. In June / in May enlighten do obeisance to crude oil price difference every pails of 0.65 dollars; Cloth human relations is special in May / enlighten do obeisance to crude oil period to show exchange value every pails of price difference 2.67 dollars, cloth human relations is special in June / enlighten do obeisance to period show exchange value every pails of price difference 2.88 dollars.

Market of crude of tall sulfur of Zhousan middle east is stable, trade business is awaiting new sale price of round of government. The futures of western crude oil that about Persian Gulf military affairs conflict rumor causes soares to did not affect Asian crude spot market.

Because the middle east of delivery is tall May,majority of merchandise on hand of sulfur crude oil clinchs a deal with premium, state-owned Petroleum Company and Oman oil gas move predicting Abuzabi on ministry general March sale price of government of date from sex. The price of intent of Oman crude oil of lading will continue to maintain May cent of official price tall 12-15 is compared in every pails, and the price of intent of crude oil of solemn Er class of light qualitative tall sulfur is more state-owned than Abuzabi Petroleum Company official price is high 30 cent.

Trade business thinks, it is reasonable that ministry of Oman oil gas will move 15 cent on official sale price March. Money of paper of ministry of Oman oil gas will be compared March enlighten do obeisance to crude oil average price is low 67 cent, this one rate of exchange serves as the reference of new official price normally. And the official price will compare Oman crude oil Feburary enlighten do obeisance to crude oil every pails low 79 cent.

Xiang Yazhou of state-owned Petroleum Company will mix Abuzabi to measure sum to supply according to the contract with the crude oil that the client delivers the goods May. Enter northeast May inferior refinery overhauls an end, demand of market of middle east crude is exuberant. Fall in the drive of interest and demand consequently, state-owned Petroleum Company maintains Abuzabi contract supply is constant in market anticipation.

In market of crude of Asia-Pacific low sulfur, head office of state-owned oil imports and exports passes Vietnam mark book was sold the chrysanthemum crude oil of lading will give Aikesenmei company of inspire confidence in sb 500 thousand pails May, every pails of more original than Dapisi fat quoted price is high 1.5 dollars. The premium of every pails of 90 cent that this price outclass sells last month, mirrorred current market to be mixed to the demand with the exuberant crude oil that pledges relatively gently supply in short supplily.
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