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Position:Crude oil prices

Asian crude spot market is analysed

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Zhou Sanya continent enlighten do obeisance to crude spot market to drop. Will deliver the goods in May enlighten every pails of 58.53 dollars when doing obeisance to crude oil merchandise on hand to receive city, day trades to drop before comparing 0.27 dollars. In June / in May enlighten do obeisance to crude oil price difference every pails of 0.58 dollars; Cloth human relations is special in May / enlighten do obeisance to crude oil period to show exchange value every pails of price difference 2.5 dollars, cloth human relations is special in June / enlighten do obeisance to period show exchange value every pails of price difference 2.72 dollars.

Because pledge heat up in a steamer divides fat profit to rise gently, zhou San pledges market of tall sulfur crude increases further gently. Asian benzine and naphtha market are strong, most refinery will be overhauled in the end end April, market of middle east crude gets propping up. The A cloth of lading will plunge into Bimuer May class crude oil trades to compare official sale price in every pails tall the price of 30 cent undertakes. And in Zhou Er the price of intent of crude oil of solemn Er class of lading will compare Abuzabi every pails May official price of state-owned Petroleum Company is high 20 cent. Last month in trading, the crude oil of solemn Er class of lading is most April under official sale price, because of the entrance country such as day Han refinery plans the overhaul.

Book of mark of monthly of organization of Qatar Petroleum Company sells 9 ships each 500 thousand pails May the Lasijiasi of lading condensate, sign of Zhou Si stop, give delay of valence period of efficacy 1 day, sale is the same as with last phase. Freight will continue to maintain higher-priced May, because naphtha price is strong,cause condensate demand driving. Sell last month freight will be compared every pails April enlighten do obeisance to crude oil quoted price is high 6 dollars.

Allege from the Saudi Arabia after reducing the supply that heavy April to contract large family qualitative crude oil gives priority to, oman crude market walks out of fatigued and weak condition, hear of every pails to buyer gives value cent of taller than sale price of government of ministry of Oman oil gas 7-10.

Indonesian raise crude oil to import an amount through monthly mark book, market of crude of Asian low sulfur also is carried brace up. Personage of know the inside story discloses, company of mining industry of Indonesian and state-owned oil gas bought 3 million pails to will arrive in May through monthly mark book the Asian crude oil of the bank, buy 1.8 million pails when the month on quantitative outclass buys. This company bought Vietnam Rong Dongyuan oil and Shi Liya of white tiger crude oil, Brunei pledge crude oil and Bei Badi overcome crude oil gently, this company still bought Malaysia to pull cloth to bring crude oil. In addition, this company still bought crude oil of 1.2 million pails of Africa.
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