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Special type of sanitation of Ba Sifu medical treatment is plastic taste Luran n

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Ba Sifu company (BASF) will be product of technology of its medical treatment to complement on August 1 another kind of special type is plastic article: Luran? HD is the first kind of SAN(styrene that is used at equipment of HD of Ba Sifu company - ) of propylene nitrile copolymer. HD was represented health care and diagnose. With other transparent data phase is compared, luran is had more exceedingly good be able to bear or endure chemical sex, taller tigidity, be machined easily and tall stability can be provided below the environment with fluctuant temperature. This kind of material has undertaken commercializing production.
Expand the product covers: Use at 4 kinds of products of medical treatment technology
Transparent and plastic Luran HD mixes copolymer of two kinds of styrene at present polyformaldehyde photograph union makes the existing and plastic product line that the company uses a Basifu at medical treatment technology thereby. Although Terluran? HD (ABS) has good between tenacity and tigidity balance sex, terlux? The transparency that Yinjijie gives HD (MABS) is welcomed with tall tenacity. Is the project plastic Ultraform? PRO(polyformaldehyde) can follow high mechanical negative charge and show superior sliding friction performance.
Use at the service bag of medical treatment technology: Fan gnaws a courtyard to procrastinate come on Dang
In existing HD product, the Luran HD conformity that premise of order of Ba Sifu company asks for applying to the market technically serves a bag. Bag of this kind of service has application not only, consistence checks (special chemistry and consistence test, the technology with allusion of traditional Chinese medicine and if the basis is beautiful medium ISO 10993-5) supports, still created so called medicaments to control platform (DMF) . In addition, ba Sifu company still changed plastic recipe ceaselessly. The development of medical treatment technology from now on tremendous benefit was gotten in the service, the risk that and stable recipe dropped medical treatment device creates. The test that by Basifu the company has and relevant license rules had been user interpreter to become permissive test and permissive rules.

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