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Drawback of plastic products exit raises 9% plastic marts or progressively look

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Via approval of the State Council, total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state announces 21 days, will rise from November 1, 2008, increase a share appropriately labor is concentrated model the exit with commodity of hi-tech content, high additional cost withdraws tax rate. The purpose that this exit drawback adjusts is the refreshment of business of export of exciting our country. The government passes those who increase pair of export businesses to give aid to, will pull use the economic situation that has glided apparently.

Show according to customs data, growth of export of foreign trade of our country of before this year 9 months is 22.3% , sheet sees data feel to export phasic comparing to anticipate well. But this data is nominal increase rate merely, effective increase rate needs a monetary factor eliminate. If devalue the dollar element take out, with RMB valuation 1 to September commerce increase rate has 11% to control only. If we devalue the RMB in-housely again element eliminate, so growth of export of before a few months is a digit. This is growth rate was exported one year the slowest since Asian banking crisis 1998 oneself.

This exit drawback rate is adjusted involve content extensive, involve 3486 goods in all, in occupying custom tax regulations about 25.8% of all goods number. In adjusting a project, the exit drawback of plastic products leads the part will rise from 5 % 9% , this message gives undoubtedly numerous be between the beetle and the block plastic enterprise brought dawn of a gleam of.

We review simply first in recent years the road of the exit of plastic products. Before two years, as the growth that two-step of economic in successive years counts, export business is begun like a raging fire. Grow the inflationary bubble that brings too quickly to prevent economy on one hand, suffer the risk that opposes dumping lawsuit to reduce overseas on the other hand, will mix in September in 6 years 7 years July, the government adjusted the exit of partial product twice to withdraw tax rate. Among them, plastic products drawback is led from 13% fell 5 % . Entire industry reduces drawback income accordingly at least 1.217 billion dollar, 35% what take industry annual profit about. Next slippery prices plus economy of this whole world, it is deadly to the blow of plastic products company. 1 - in September, plastic products exports amplitude fall after a rise 8.4 percent. See here, you won't strange be full of the get into trouble of many export business among media, close down, change the line of production, the message such as worker come off sentry duty.

China still is exit directs at present model economic mode, accordingly, exit is added fast glide apparently, the inhibition that grows to economy already bigger and bigger, adjust exit drawback to appear right now particularly necessary. Export those who withdraw tax rate to rise as plastic products, also bring the opportunity that breath to plastic enterprise. Supply the market to stagnant plastic raw material and character, also be a good news. Expect dispirited plastic mart can restore gradually, the speed rate that restores however still depends on market confidence regression.
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