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Note the good point that mark technology sticks inside model model antrum and ap

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Mark technology is stuck to there has been quite long time in foreign application inside the model, the make and sign chance sticks inside the model production of the label inside its model uses already special maturity. Modular internal standard is signed (InMouldLabe1) is one kind has what do not pack at traditional label is brand-new label packs a form, his occurrence is packed to label bring very major shake-up. The label inside the model is in a few more Euramerican the country is already faddish old, the product that at present world developed country already had half above was used mark technology is stuck inside the model.

Sign system is stuck to basically be used at boasting model product inside the model. Mark technology is stuck inside the model, it is a trade mark that makes through special technology (the label inside the model) use sign chance is stuck to put a person to play modular model tune at the same time in blown of plastic and hollow goods inside the model inside, the action that passes high temperature high pressure makes stick mark and hollow product to blow make synchronism finish, stick mark means photograph to produce process than simplifying with label of traditional not dry glue, improved productivity greatly thereby.

The advantage of the label inside the model is label and plastic products are same kind plastic resin, OK below the high temperature inside the model fusion is an organic whole, union is natural, have waterproof, prevent oily, mouldproof wait for character, below all sorts of harsh environments, fall off not easily, and brand is more beautiful. Moreover, label and goods can reclaim at the same time, simplified renewal process, give attention to two or morethings environmental protection, this and domestic international are active advocacy environmental protection theme is consistent. And because sign system is stuck inside the model (include the ticket inside the model make and sign chance is stuck to apply inside the model) opposite for more complex, also decreased to create false possibility, the user manufacturer of the plastic packing product that this gives pursuit brand of character of quality, pursuit, pursuit offerred very reliable brand salvo, accordingly, the hollow packing product that mark technology production pastes inside applied model more and more get of broad user love. The label inside the model is passed on home market recently 9 years wait-and-see hind, began the application of dimensions eventually, drew the attention of the personage inside more and more course of study and final user.

Deserve what to sign system sticks inside entrance model blow model machine to compare expensive 3O of the common confidential that blow model before one 4o % . Price bottleneck makes broad user flinchs, in the arrearage on certain level the promotion speed that mark technology sticks inside the model. Current, what create staff of manufacturer project technology through domestic relevant equipment is assiduous tackle key problem, sign chance product is pasted inside the model that had own research and development eventually, its price is entrance product merely 1/2 arrive 1/3 the left and right sides, product function has been achieved and exceed congener entrance equipment, and apply already successfully in production go, produced huge economic benefits and social beneficial result.
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