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Technology of plastic flame spraying introduces

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Plastic flame spraying is the technology of a kind of spray that heats powder to form coating to workpiece surface to the eject after melt condition through spray gun blaze.

Plastic flame spraying basically is used at improving the physics of material surface, chemistry and mechanical performance, hold the action that decorates the surface concurrently. Current, this technology already applied at the product to make stage by stage, the respect such as the preparation of equipment maintenance and preservative coating. The develops plastic blaze application of the need as modernization of all trades and professions and technology of plastic flame spraying will wider and wider.

Principle of one plastic flame spraying

Those who be used at flame spraying is plastic model having heat makings sex is plastic originally with heat the gender is plastic. Thermoplastic plastic when heating, lift those who follow temperature and gradually molten and assume melt position, refrigeration hind can harden again. In the meantime, this one process is reversible.

Thermoplastic plastic this one characteristic is need of flame spraying place. Accordingly, what be used at flame spraying at present is plastic and main it is thermoplastic plastic, apply among them most is polyamide 1010, namely nylon 1010, still have polyethylene, be like PE polyethylene.

Thermoplastic plastic common characteristic is melting point low, for example the melting point of 1010 is nylon 200- - 210 degrees, the ignition point temperature that the melting point of polyethylene spends; powder for 123-130 or the poor cost that recount temperature to be apart from melting point temperature are lesser. Accordingly, blaze is plastic spray must control what blaze temperature reachs pair of plastic powder effectively to heat degree. The plastic grain after wanting to assure to heat is in melt condition already, under ignition point or decompose temperature, plastic powder will burn or deteriorate otherwise. This is the technical key of plastic flame spraying. The method that solves this one problem is be in on the foundation of gun of original gas welding the oxygen of gas welding gun - an air is added outside acetylene blaze (abbreviation gas mist or gas shade) , it is blaze heats directly air, let air next adding hot plastic powder, the spray that can achieve place to need so heats temperature, the spray that finish is operated.
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