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On May 25 the raise on Tianjin share quoted price

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As the assimilation of early days resource, tianjin area trafficker the resource in the hand is not much, outer dish strong / the city after confidence of storehouse odd bullish props up next is opposite continues bullish, much now dish did not sign up for, the raise on partial quoted price, 9020 newspapers 12000 yuan / ton, 0220KJ signs up for 12250 yuan / ton, entrance linear quotes small go up explore, 0218D signs up for 12000 yuan / ton, 1002KW signs up for 12300 yuan / ton, 218W signs up for 12500 yuan / ton, low-pressure film quote is not much, 8800 newspapers 12500 yuan / ton, 9455F quotes yesterday 11700 yuan / ton, of short duration does not have quote now.

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