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Fine solution of big business place is plastic character of futures complete a b

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In plastic futures contract, level of quantity of quality of complete a business transaction of LLDPE futures contract is the market each side attention central issue, satisfy after all why to plant does the goods ability of quality standard register standard storehouse sheet, use at complete a business transaction? A few days ago " daily of the first finance and economics " the problem that cares with respect to these investor and enterprise of merchandise on hand interviewed big business place to study the ministry is relevant chief.

Study according to big business place the ministry concerns chief introduction, main component is polyethylene breed polyethylene of line low density (polyethylene of LLDPE) , low density (polyethylene of LDPE) , high density (HDPE) 3 kinds big, big business is in the discovery in survey, LLDPE has the market big, market expands current scope good, brand centers foreground, easily the advantage such as standardization, facilitating enterprise is participated in, the dominant position is relatively prominent, it is the breed that suits to trade as futures.

In national level, cent of project of LLDPE quality index is colophony function and filmy function two kinds big. According to survey, in actual commerce, no matter be inside trade or foreign trade, business of merchandise on hand does not care to filmy function index, also do not have a regulation in the contract. Accordingly, in futures standard, big business place abandoned filmy function target, all index project that used colophony property regards standard of quality of futures complete a business transaction as the project, namely rate of flow of grain exterior, fuse-element, density, drawing succumbs stress, strain crack stress, rupture percentage elongation.

Before 3 index are the most crucial index that demonstrates LLDPE quality, be to wait for index surely in GB, according to quality difference setting super grade, one class and qualification are tasted. Big business is in the discovery in survey, the super grade of homebred LLDPE in commerce of merchandise on hand, one class tastes the price to do not have difference, qualification tastes the price difference that tastes with super grade, one class not big also, the price difference that imports LLDPE and home made product is in 1% the left and right sides, in addition, different area imports brand acknowledge degree to also be put in bigger difference to each, nod the price between each brand differently to differ the difference with bigger presence. Accordingly, in standard of futures of LLDPE of big business place, do not set litre of agio variety, set fiducial complete a business transaction to taste only.
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