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The environmental protection standard with the new product such as plastic door

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To carry out " law of environmental protection of People's Republic of China " , reduce plastic products to be opposite in production, use process environment and the influence with healthy human body, managing the sources of energy, reduce environmental pollution, reduce raw material to use up, near future of total bureau of national environmental protection announced the standard of new environmental protection of 10 kinds of products such as plastic door window. New standard atRose on March 1, 2007Carry out, if continue,stick old label to will be regarded as sham behavior.

" goods of reworked plastics of requirement of technology of environmental mark product " (HJ/T231 - 2006) , " expanded plastics of requirement of technology of environmental mark product " (HJ/T233 - 2006) , " technology of environmental mark product asks plastic door window " (HJ/T237 - 2006) standards of 3 new plastic products environmental protection besides, outside undertaking be modificationed in the round to its, still emphasized decreasing to contaminant is discharged and be opposite further the safeguard of human body health. After new standard is carried out, corresponding old standard abolishs at the same time, the mark of the product of mark of environment of product ability paste that accords with standard of new environmental protection only.

As we have learned, environmental mark product is by the environmental level with concerned branch certain basis, classics attestation is backward concerned manufacturer is issued, prove its production, use process accords with environmental protection requirement entirely, the second birth that is helpful for resource and reclaim use.

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