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Admittance is executed to make since next month of chloric alkaline industry

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National hair changes appoint 7 days announced announcement of condition of admittance of chloric alkaline industry formally, the industry develops the formal standard that administers with industry admittance first. Announcement wait for a respect from the advanced sex of industrial position, scale of production, craft and equipment, raised the good target of admittance. Admittance system is carried out since December 1.

This announcement sets: Land  lights large bamboo hat of ruthenium   to wash  beat  tries man of paddle of condyle of Yong of  of Tao of Tuo of  of health She of  of  of stand upright of  of bed of plinth ⒛ Mo Bi of go against one's superiors of  of ⑺ of two of  of ⑻ of ⒐  two tells? kilometre less than, in principle builds calcium carbide way no longer polyvinyl chloride project and the caustic soda project with its form a complete set; Remove except old company outside the project, build caustic soda device and build, change extend pvc unit initiative dimensions must achieve 300 thousand tons / year reach above; Prohibit using common metal positive pole, black lead positive pole and mercuric law electrobath, encourage use ionic film electrobath and above of 30 square metre energy-saving model metallic positive pole is diaphragmatic electrobath, encourage use outspread positive pole, modified the advanced technique such as diaphragmatic, active cathode, small polar distance, encourage use method of ethylene oxygen chloridize technology of polyvinyl chloride production replaces calcium carbide method polyvinyl chloride manufactures a technology, urge the calcium carbide standard such as the acetylene of dry legal system, large converter, pressure swing adsorption, accelerant that do not have mercury the development of polyvinyl chloride engineering technology and transform; Build, change unit of extend caustic soda electroanalysis alternating current bad news should be less than 2450 kilowatt hour / ton, calcium carbide of polyvinyl chloride device is used up should be less than 1420 kilogram / ton, ethylene is used up should under 480 kilogram / ton. Field of the safety that admittance system still is in an enterprise, healthy, environmental protection management raised a requirement.

In recent years, home is chloric alkaline produce can outspread too sharp issue to highlight. Polyvinyl chloride turned over afterwards on September 30, 2003 after the dumping is successful, of the chloric alkaline product such as chloric propane of oxygen of hydrazine of 3 chloric firedamp, 3 chloric ethylene, hydration, annulus, chloroprene rubber turn over dumping case to following sb's heels and come. This is entered in what foreign product prevented on certain level, but also make home market price rises considerably at the same time and produce can too rapid growth. The data of national statistic bureau shows, domestic caustic soda was produced 2006 can superfluous achieve 4 million tons, still will increase 2.5 million tons of above this year, always produce can will exceed 20 million tons. The yield of our country caustic soda already can occupy global first place with crop, as " two tall one endowment " industry, the admittance management that strengthens chloric alkaline industry is increasingly pressing.
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