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Plastic treatment association 6 index guard a pass food wraps bagging

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Recently, from association of industry of Chinese plastic treatment committee of compound film major learns, recommend sexual state level " pack with general rule of compound film, bag " already approved a few days ago release, will carry out at will rising on September 1 this year. New standard asks, food packs compound bag to must be in pull force, sanitation undertake detecting on 6 index such as function. Countrywide plastic products standardizes Chen Jiaqi of technical committee secretary-general to say, new standard asks from exterior quality, 18 respects such as index of function of machinery of norms, physics, wholesome function, pack to food and blame food made a standard with product of compound film, bag. For instance, index of physical machinery function includes to pull force, heat to add up to function of intensity, hear resistance, compression to wait. In addition, standard test gauge asks, food packs compound film, bag to must detect exterior quality, norms, pull force, heat to combine strength, come off force, wholesome function these 6 index. It is reported, this is standard of ministry of our country head packs the general rule that uses compound film, bag kind national level. Chen Jiaqi expresses, this standard already surmounted delegate international in a few respects the Japan of advanced standard and European Union standard. Current, a lot of enterprises already prepared to decide respective product level according to this metric system.

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