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The quality of free plastic bags worrying health risks of toxic substances

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Although the number of plastic bags to bring convenience to people, but also caused environmental pollution, some low-grade plastic bags will be harmful to human health. Environmental experts said that the current businesses of varying quality gift bags free of charge, consumers should pay attention to recognize and minimize use of plastic bags.

China Plastics Recycling Plastic Association Professional Committee of the Golden Lion, vice president director, said many toxic materials from waste plastic bags, plastic recycling, is a small business or home workshop production.

These raw materials are used in the manufacturer of waste plastic buckets, pots, disposable syringes and so on. Production, first by mechanical grinding the material into plastic particles, plastic particles and then washed again, taken out and dried, and then it blow film machine, made of various plastic bags.

In the absence of sterile, which far exceeded its recycled plastic may contain bacteria and carcinogens in this plastic packaging of cooked food directly to the entrance of the health of consumers can cause serious damage. This bag contains a lot of the naked eye can not see the bacteria, long-term use of disposable plastic grocery bags that can easily lead to chronic poisoning.

Dong said the Golden Lion, non-toxic plastic bag is polyethylene, polypropylene and other raw materials, can be used to wrap food. Made of toxic PVC plastic bags, food packaging bags can be used to identify non-toxic plastic bags as follows:

Shake hands hard plastic, the issue of the crisp sound of buzzing Lala is non-toxic plastic bags, and small and stuffy sound, and is toxic plastic; the plastic bag into the water, according to the bottom of their hands, slightly such a moment let go, surfaced is the non-toxic plastic bags, submerged in the bottom of the plastic bags that are toxic.

Plastic bags by hand touching the surface, very smooth non-toxic, sticky, astringent is toxic; non-toxic plastic flammable, flame tip yellow, local was blue, like the burning tears dripping like a candle, there is paraffin taste; toxic non-flammable plastic bags, away from the fire that is extinguished, the flame tip yellow, the bottom of the green, softening can be brushed.

In addition, starting in 2008, all food must be marked with a plastic bag "food with" character, and must have AQSIQ license issued by the Food Safety QS logo and number, consumers can pay more attention to this.

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