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Plastic push-pull window raises a building energy-saving level 3 kinds of plan

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The importance with energy-saving building already widely known. Energy-saving purpose is to reduce the invalid loss of the sources of energy, raise energy utilization rate, make limited energy resources serves the production at the mankind and life adequately.

So, push-pull window is compared with flat look opening a window, what difference is there? Everybody is met ground of all with one voice says, push-pull window is ventilated the area is small, air-tightness is poorer.

ventilated area, after the over all dimension of the window is certain, ventilated area decides the size at open casement, and horizontal push-pull window and perpendicular carry the casement that pulls a window to must make level or perpendicular shift inside window frame, ability completes switch process, the greatest distance with mobile inside window frame casement, be less than the 1/2 of window frame width or height forever, when push-pull window is in complete open condition, also necessarily the half is in close position, ventilated area won't exceed 50 % forever, this is decided by the construction of push-pull window. Of course, if use much slideway profile, ventilated area can be more than 50 % , but won't achieve 100 % absolutely ventilated, what because this problem is done not have,study is necessary.

About air-tightness problem, when because push-pull casement is mixed in open,be being shut, in the opposite motion of casing and fan, the roll that has block already hairiness move with the attrition of profile, what friction explains aperture is in greatly more is sealed more close together, of sealed more close together casement open shut power bigger, should assure to open shut power, be forced to reduce sealed tight ness rating, also bring about air-tightness to drop necessarily, go against energy-saving. Undertake an analysis from the unit of measurement of index of air-tightness of token door window again, the stand or fall of air-tightness, namely how many what air permeates a quantity, be with door window aperture every meters of length, permeate airy bulk to limit hourly. The air that measures door window permeates a quantity, the room inside and outside that is the environmental temperature in the standard and standard presses poor condition to fall, measure wholy with air flowmeter the air bulk that window of door or window frame permeates inside a hour, build juncture unoccupied place overall length to spend except the casing fan with window of this door or window frame, it is the air-tightness index of window of this door or window frame.
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