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Of polyethylene PE note model to shape craft

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PE is crystallization sex raw material, hygroscopic minimum, do not exceed 0.01 % , because this need not undertake dry processing before treatment. Catenary of PE element couplet is flexible good, the active force between key is small, fuse-element is agglutinant low, fluidity is wonderful, when shaping accordingly need not too high pressure can shape give Bao Bi to grow flow products. The shrinkage range of PE is big, contractive value is great, directional apparent, LDPE shrinkage is 1.22 % left and right sides, HDPE shrinkage is controlled in 1.5 % . Because this allows changeful form warp, mould refrigeration condition is very big to the influence of shrinkage, reason should control good mould temperature, keep cooling even, stable.

The crystallization capability of PE is high, the temperature of the mould is right model crystallization state has very bigger impact. Modular Wen Gao, fuse-element refrigeration is slow, model crystallization is spent tall, intensity is high also.

The melting point of PE is not high, but specific heat capacity is larger, because of when this model is changed, still needing to use up more quantity of heat, masked buy should have reason demand model bigger heat power, so that improve manufacturing efficiency.

The bate temperature limits of PE is lesser, and fuse-element easy oxidation, because this answers to avoid fuse-element and oxygen to produce a contact as far as possible in processing, lest drop model quality.

PE makes a quality of a material softer, and easy drawing of patterns, because this is become model when having shallow side groove OK and puissant drawing of patterns.

The blame Newton sex of PE fuse-element is not apparent, the change that cuts rate is minor to the influence of viscosity, the effect that PE fuse-element viscosity suffers temperature is lesser also.

The cooling rate of PE fuse-element is slower, because this must cool adequately. The mould should have better cooling system.

If PE fuse-element is used when inject,enter into makings mouth directly makings, easy increase stress and generation search inhomogenous reach directional apparent accretion is out of shape, because this should note an alternative,enter makings mouth parameter.
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