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Industry of our country mould grows international market notice

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Review the progress that industry of our country mould comes to a few this years, the mould manufacturing industry of our home is overall development level is good, company treatment level gets very big rise, exit is achieved collect ability to increase greatly, live in home market resistance already outside the condition the extruding of the manufacturer, show stronger competition ability on the international market again. But at the same time, domestic pattern company also exposeds to the open air in developing a process an a few problems, it is dimensions slants small, 2 it is technical on the low side, 3 it is to involve domain stricture, 4 it is belts of pair of relevant industry influence kinetic energy power is not great. Integrated above element, overall beneficial result returns domestic mould manufacturing industry to give best level without play, its are in country the fundamental sex action in renown economy is still unidentified show, to reverse above condition, domestic mould is made also want to exert greater influence in the international market, what must strengthen entire industry technology and resource is integrated.

It is in the technology the domain should strengthen cooperation of division of labor

In recent years, although domestic mould is exported increasing, international competition level promotes somewhat. But be in centrally mostly in cheap domain, the technical level on the low side of the mould, additional cost on the low side, mould of partial high spirit counts an import even, so mould manufacturing industry of home should strengthen conformity in respective domain, not was necessary to transfer competition, the technology develops a respect to want to execute cooperation of division of labor, relevant industry and enterprise want uprise to look far, go next idea, firm catchs the research of respect of new technology, new technology, form stage by stage have division of labor, cooperation, much territory, all-around scientific research develops pattern, roll out the mould product that has own intellectual property, in studying a process, we must be overcome close the practice that creed and singles go alone, because be in,the condition of global unifinication falls today, we can stand completely in elder and person of the same trades do on foundation of background of experience a few before the research of look up sex, and need not immerse oneself in the technical work that has done a few others, bring about talent and resource ground waste.

2 it is the application that should expedite IT
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