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The research and development of natural antioxidant and reach market application

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One, overview

Long-term since, people oxidizes to last and prevent, use synthetic antioxidant to wait like BHTBHATBHQ and PG all the time. In recent years, people had extensive research to these security problems that compound antioxidant artificially. World Health Organization (FA0/WHO) , Europe in all body children protects an organization (association of industry of biology of HACSG) , England (the research of the government of BIBRA) , Japan, United States and organization makes clear, synthetic antioxidant has a lot of side effect, if be opposite,the liver of human body, lienal, lung all has adverse effect, can cause malignant tumor to wait. So management board of American food medicines and chemical reagents (FDA) suggests to be in the conclusion; that thinks Japan of BHT; of the cancel in safe material concerns classics of door of Ministry of Public Health to consider to ever made taboo BHA commonly to TBHQ, although a few country such as the United States approved its use in certain grease, but the country such as European Union, Japan thinks data of its poisonous manage test is not perfect, have not approve use. Anyhow, people is put in disturbed psychology to synthesizing antioxidant artificially. The fact also proves, in people in the food of long-term edible, the noxiousness of natural antioxidant composition far under noxiousness of artificial complex antioxidant. Accordingly, the considers to already caused each country scientist height that seeks natural antioxidant from nature in recent years takes seriously. Current, world each country developed a large number of natural antioxidant products, get the general welcome of people. Its are natural the origin that refuses oxidation class status includes: Bear ⑾ of Sha of ginseng of bureau of ┎ a bitter edible plant thresholds earth of fourth ⒂ of Ping of bright rare ⒉ shows swollen imprint mace of crusty pancake of  of be an official of word of dark saddle of obituary of ⒚ of ⒐  to fold takes 4 Peng branny value to suckle Qiong of melt Huan few to love act  mill of Ш of windowing  of bell of С evil spirit is foolish eye few. Antioxidant can be divided according to its action principle for: 1Freedom radical stops an agent, great majority is phenol is contained in the element kind structural compound, wait for;2 reducer like the birth phenol of BHABHTTBHQ and natural presence, if ascorbic acid reachs its salt kind, sulphurous acid and its salt kind, the mixture of;3 a huge legendary turtle such as riboflavin, wait for depressor of oxygen of condition of;4 Chan Xuan like acid of EDTA, citric acid, establish, wait like carotene.

2, a few kinds of important natural antioxidant
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