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Polyester plasticizer applies mediumly in PVC plastic products

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Polyester plasticizer is polymer of polarity high polymer, have very good consistence with PVC, join PVC recipe inside, can make PVC model changes what time has different rate to shift to an earlier date, regard a kind of recipe as raw material and auxiliary, often mix soybean oil of oxygen of DOP, annulus answer match and use, because polyester plasticizer has stronger polarity, in the recipe with DOP endophilicity is returned and the character of other liquid plasticizer products is concerned, in be being used at PVC goods when polyester plasticizer, can rise to attract with fixed and other plasticizer not the action with the migratory surface to PVC goods, reason polyester plasticizer has permanent plasticizer say, polyester plasticizer can be used in goods of of all kinds PVC, especially a kind of indispensable processing aid in PVC high-grade product.

Polyester plasticizer can be used at PVC goods to regard PVC as high-grade goods auxiliary especially, wide application is enraged at oil resistant cable, coal canal, waterproof a material, leatheroid, shoe is makings, high temperature resistant all sorts of sealing strip of wire bag cladding, cistern, equipment (include car of frozen plant, motor-driven) spacer, embed; Indoor and advanced adornment; Electric adhesive plaster; Oil resistant is able to bear or endure petrolic is special goods. In the contact food respect includes to pack machinery of tube of filmy, beverage, dairy produce and cap spacer to wait. (Article origin is round-the-world polyurethane net) polyester plasticizer is used at rubber products, can gift balata with sex of vulcanization hear resistance, oil resistant, fight dissolve to bilge gender and be able to bear or endure migratory sex, can improve sizing material to machine technical properties, if reduce the viscosity of sizing material, raise the resilience of vulcanization and percentage elongation, drop to the tensile strength of sizing material and tear strength lesser, commonly used at styrene, in butadiene balata and products of fourth nitrile rubber.

In EVA, in colophony of VC graft copolymerization, polyester plasticizer can be used as horniness modifier, use in the different profile recipe such as PVC door, window, after plasticizer of polyester of portion of the 6~10 that increase an amount serves as auxiliary, of its goods be able to bear or endure await gender, concussion sex admirable; Polyester plasticizer is in soft PVC goods, add a quantity to be able to achieve 20%~70% . With polyester plasticizer production gives powder of balata of special type fourth nitrile, the modifier that can be used at colophony of PVC, ABS, phenolic aldehyde colophony to wait, can increase material tenacity and sex of ameliorative cold concussion. The fourth nitrile powder that polyester plasticizer produces is the raw material with better product of production oil resistant, use polyester plasticizer at PVC modifier, use PVC modifier of production within horniness PVC recipe, can improve PVC resinous brittleness, have the wonderful effect that add pliable but strong. Polyester plasticizer is used at PVC material, have good treatment performance and scratch resistance, special all sorts of plastic products that apply to oil resistant, water.
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