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The part is plastic shape sort and inject shape principle

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1. is plastic shaping sort:

A inject shapes: It is plastic material preexistence of the machine that note model heat melt of the be heated in makings canister, go to fuse-element elbow by reciprocating type screw after that a kind of method that closes shape in the modular antrum of the mould. It can be made below tall productivity not only high accuracy, the goods of high quality, and the plastic breed that can machine is much, crop is big (the 1/3) that is plastic gross about and use are extensive, accordingly, noting model is plastic treatment in important shape one of methods.

B is crowded piece shape: Squeeze going out is to be in extruder through heating, pressurization and make plastic the method that shapes through buccal model continuously with flow condition. Use at plank commonly. Tubal material. Monofilament. Flat silk. Filmy. The bag Fu of wire cable shape, use is extensive. Yield is high. Accordingly, it is plastic in adding important shape one of methods.

C is epispastic shape: It is to point to to proper foaming agent is added in epispastic material, generation poriferous or of bubble 沬 goods impose kind epispastic goods has opposite density small, taller than intensity, raw material dosage reachs sound insulation less, the bend over such as heat insolation is nodded, epispastic material has PVC, PE and PS. Goods has: Filmy, plank, tubal material, wait with profile. Epispastic can divide for chemistry epispastic with physics epispastic.

E blows model to shape: Blow (bilge film) model (or say hollow blow model) it is to point to fluid of have the aid of (compress air) what pressure will close be heated up in the model is thermoplastic plastic model shape one kind when base or sheet huff make hollow product method. With the plastic container that this kind of method produces. Be like all sorts of bottle, square, circle or flat bucket, benzine box already got applied extensively, all sorts of industry component of new development and daily expense goods, be like product of form of trunk of double deck wall, l- is annular big drum. Pile up battlements board. Surfboard. Seat back of a chair reachs desk, and the car uses before step. Leather belt cover. Dashboard. Air conditioning ventiduct, already applied in practice, processes data from it is daily expense plastic to the project plastic respect develops. One of methods shape importantly in blowing model law to already became plastic treatment now. But the basic measure of the process that blow model is: 1. Fused material. 2. Mold melt resin content tubal account or model base. 3. Will hollow model base blows the frit in model model to seal. 4. the model inside model base huff. 5. Refrigeration boasts model product. 6. Take out product from inside the model. 7. Nap.
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