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Brief introduction of knowledge of PS / ABS

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Polystyrene (Polystyrene, abbreviation PS) is a kind colorless and transparent thermoplastic plastic. Have prep above100 Celsiusglass changes temperature, because this often is used to,make all sorts of need bear the one-time container of the temperature of boiled water, and one-time bubble messtin.


The chemical stability of polystyrene is poorer, can by a variety of organic dissolvent (be like: Acting hydrocarbon of aromatic hydrocarbon, bittern) deliquescent, can be corroded by strong acid alkali, do not fight grease, in get after ultraviolet light illuminate changeful color.

Content reason is simple

Polystyrene character is strong and fragile, colorless and transparent, can mix the color with different generation with a variety of dye.

Density: 1.04-1.06

Production and application

Of polystyrene often be used to goods of the expanded plastics that make. Polystyrene is OK still the product that makes all sorts of different and mechanical property with copolymerization of material of high polymer of other balata type. The common application in daily life has all sorts of one-time plastic dinner service, transparent CD box is waited a moment.

Impact resistance polystyrene (HIPS)

Impact resistance polystyrene is get together through be being added in polystyrene the method of butyl balata grain fights percussive polystyrene product one kind of production. Product of this kind of polystyrene can add grain of micron class balata to pass the method of scion grafting to join polystyrene and balata grain together.

When be pounded, patulous most advanced stress meets crackle be released by relatively soft balata grain. Because of this crackle patulous get block up, impact resistance got rising.
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