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Plastic container encounters high temperature to be able to release poison caref

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Can you take has used beverage bottle to be used when water cup? Do you know what plastic container fills radiative water to you can release toxic carcinogenic substance? Actually, every plastic container has a small id card -- the symbol of a triangle, be in commonly the bottom of plastic container. Triangle inside have 1 - 7 number, every number differs on behalf of the making material of plastic container, use on also exist on contraindication different.  

"1 date " PET:

Carefe of mineral water bottle, carbonic acid

Carefe gives out to throw away

Heat-resisting70 ℃, suit to install normal temperature beverage or aspic drink only, install high temperature liquid or heat changeful form, be in harmony gives harmful to human body substance. And scientist discovery, 1 date is plastic article used 10 months, the likelihood releases carcinogenic substance DEHP, have noxiousness to spermary. Accordingly, carefe gave out to desertion, do not want reoccupy to come as water cup, perhaps use do store content container is multiplied load other goods, lest cause healthy problem,the loss outweights the gain.

"2 " HDPE:

Product of clean things, bath

Cleanness does not want hard to be used repeatedly thoroughly

Can repeat after careful cleanness use, but these container normally bad to clean, the clean things with original remain, become bacterial breeding ground, you had better not be used circularly.  

"3 " PVC:

Use at food to pack rarely

Can be at ease below normal temperature use
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