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Food packs film (bag) the choose and buy of the product uses little common sense

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As the ceaseless development of the technology that pack, a large number of the industry is medium adoption is packed to be able to be protected in food qualitative, last, protect gust and those who lengthen goods shelves period is tall cut off the plastic material that pack, especially compound film (bag) be applied at milk powder, tea, evaporate to boil food, flesh widely kind, the bag mount such as gust snacks, beverage, milk. Of food protect qualitative, last, outside protecting gust to divide way of the treatment craft of food itself, sterilization, how to choose the appropriate data that pack, have very main effect to making sure food quality is safe.

Apply the more extensive plastic data that pack to have in the market at present: 1. Polyethylene (PE) polyethylene diaphaneity is not tall, have breathe freely certainly function, tensile strength and tear strength, also have certain flexibility, block wet performance is good. Chemical stability is good, it is a kind of avirulent material that pack. Because this often is used,layer and moistureproof coating are sealed in the heat of composite material. 2. Polypropylene (PP) polypropylene is become by propylene polymerization, it is a kind very light plastic, diaphaneity, glossiness is good, have good physical machinery performance to be like sex of He Ren of tensile strength, hardness, hear resistance is good, can be in120 ℃high temperature is used continuously, can boil in the evaporate in boiled water. Chemical performance is steady, a lot of dissolvent are reached to have stability to acerbity, alkaline, salt inside constant temperature limits. Sanitation is safe, accord with the requirement that food packs. 3. Polyester (PET) common weighs polyester fibber. Diaphaneity is tall, glossiness is good. Have admirable block oil of gas, block and defend sweet performance. Firm hard and have tenacity, higher tensile strength. Chemical stability is good, be able to bear or endure Xi acid, alkaline. Use temperature range is wider, limits of normal use temperature is- 70 ℃120 ℃, can be in150 ℃Use for some time. Wholesome security is good. Be used extensively at birds flesh kind pack. The compound film that is base material with PET can boil food to pack with Yu Zheng. 4. Polyamide (PA) appellative nylon, its have stronger block temperament, but to vapor cut off the gender is poor, water imbibition is strong, and along with the addition of water absorption dissolve bilges, make wet function of block gas, block drops quickly, its intensity and the stability of the dimension that pack also suffer an effect. Its mechanical performance is good, tenacity good and wear-resisting, cold-resistant, hear resistance is good, limits of normal use temperature is
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