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The development existing state of affairs of industry of foreign reworked plasti

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When in plastic industry high speed develops, the country such as Europe, beautiful, day realizes already plastic in promotion people lives while, its litter also constitutes menace to the environment, relevant statement and code come on stage in succession. Chinese plastic industry is in prosperous period, plastic wastage certainly will exceeds day to drive the United States, but making a loop economy and carry out can last the respect such as development still is belonged to start level. Abroad develops plastic loop successfully to use, we might as well give referenced.

European Union promotion is packed reclaim second birth rate

Country of European Union member carries relevant environmental protection recently how-to edit, reclaim with raising the flotsam that pack second birth rate, and member country is considering will in the environmental protection code that joins itself. Reclaim reborn stock includes plastic, paper, glass, metal and lumber to wait. This are how-to aim to decrease excessive pack and caboodle of the bring down flotsam that pack is buried, burn the environment that constitutes and resource pressure. Country of the member that the old instruction 1994 asks sends flotsam to answer knock off factory the packing waste material of 50% at least, and in the center 25% can be used by second birth, and rather than sends fill bury area or incinerator. New statement puts forward, the packing flotsam of 55% must send toward answer knock off factory, and plastic second birth rate must be achieved 22.5% . European Union hope is major the target that member country can set newly at be being achieved before 2008.

Current, europe is multilateral the field is used in the loop already be far ahead, for instance Germany, Switzerland is mixed Belgian, what its performance exceeds this new statement basically already is fiducial. Although new statement aims to increase the proportion that uses circularly, but also be disturbed on certain level by many sided obstruction, if partial member country needs,pass endless discussion and legislative process ability to add new statement all carrying out. Up to August, only England, Austria, Czech, Germany and the country such as Luxembourg already affirmed classify of will new statement in code of its environmental protection.

Switzerland reclaims for model bottle second birth example

Be in whole Europe mainland, reclaim to succeed most with model bottle of Switzerland, reclaim rate already amounted to 8 into above, the processing of useless model bottle of this country machines ascribe the level is banner at other country. According to statistic, switzerland is average every countryman, in sending every year toward plastic bottle to collect, heart model bottle achieves 100. Swiss government makes clear a regulation, the model bottle of business of model bottle production reclaims rate beard is achieved 75% or above, just allow to undertake mass-produced. Collect for support, classification and treatment second birth, every plastic bottle is added impose 4 surtax giving birth to man (RMB 0.24 yuan) with aiding financially a blame to seek profit plastic bottle reclaims the battalion carry of second birth orgnaization.
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