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England is right of the plastic litter that pack reclaim use a regulation to mus

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File of law of basis flower law " the responsibility of generator and obligation (the litter that pack) " regulation, each pack generator to reach what the person that use books to packing litter to must be achieved to reclaim utilization rate. According to this code, each enterprise must abide by 3 main code: 1. Register register, include the requires relevant data that pack; 2. Reclaim rate and circular utilization rate; 3. Certificate.

According to code of active the litter that pack, the requirement reclaims plasticly rate have bigger rise: From 100 2004, 000 tons arrive 300 2008, 000 tons, basically be plastic bottle, canister reclaim.

England from on 80 time later period began the century to abandon reclaim plasticly circularly. Current, already made a lot of new second birth equipment, and many 10 company is willing to buy reworked plastics container. Undertaking orgnaization of plastic bottle reborn is RE-COUP, this orgnaization is in England the area of 1/3 above built plastic bottle to reclaim organization. England has many 3000 plastic bottle to reclaim library, the litter of 14 million families (include plastic bottle) through reclaiming by the side of the street the system undertakes reclaiming.

Be in England, almost all plastic bottle are by PET, HDPE, PVC one of these 3 kinds of material or a few kinds are made. PET bottle uses carbonic acid carefe and edible oily bottle. Useless PET bottle can be made through circular second birth the repellent, belt that pack, plastic board wait for a product.

Finally, with PET bottle still can make copy abb clothing, bottle of every 25 useless PET can counterfeit an abb jacket. HDPE bottle can use a future life to produce the pew in the barrier, park and guide wait through second birth. PVC bottle can use instrument of second birth conduit, electron and dress to wait.

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