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Improvement trade policy makes weighing be adjustmented greatly export cost or r

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China undertakes to improvement trade policy major key is rectified weighing

Via approval of the State Council, total office of Department of Commerce, customs will be released jointly on July 23 2007 the 44th announcement, announce new a batch of improvement trade restrict kind of catalog, basically involve the work such as yarn of plastic raw material and goods, spin, cloth, furniture concentrated model industry, add up to bugle call of 1853 10 commodity tax, 15% what occupy encode of all custom commodity. To including restriction kind commodity will execute bank earnest money stage Zhang fact turns management.

Department of Commerce points out about chief, this improvement trade restricts kind of commodity policy to adjust, main purpose is to optimize our country exporter to taste a structure, control strictly " two tall one endowment " product exit, control export of product of content of low additional cost, low technology, reduce trade friction, stimulative commerce is balanced, alleviate the outstanding contradiction that foreign trade favourable balance brings greatly too, advance improvement trade transition to upgrade, transform and can last of socioeconomy what realize foreign trade to grow way development.

Develop the strategy to cooperate a country to carry out area, guide improvement trade to be transferred to gradient of ministry of Chinese and Western, accelerate form overall arrangement reasonable, compare a dominant position the improvement trade area with bright characteristic of apparent, area develops pattern, this improvement trade restricts kind of commodity policy to adjust, implement differential policy to the eastpart part and center-west region: It is area of the eastpart part new the foreign trade company that create, do not grant to approve restrict business of kind of merchandise improvement trade; 2 it is center-west region A kind with B kind improvement trade enterprise continues to execute bank earnest money management of stage Zhang idling.

This controller points out, restrict kind of commodity policy this to adjust a key to depend on commodity structure and area structural adjustment, be in transfer period waited for a respect to make appropriate arrangement. Look on the whole, to urging a company to more link of hi-tech content, greater rise in value develops, advance improvement trade transition to upgrade, implementation improvement trade lasts healthy progress will produce positive effect.
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