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Germany: Code of European Union REACH goes against deserted and plastic products

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Germany is packed expressed recently with association of filmy treatment firm, the European Union is about to carry out " dangerous chemical regulation " (REACH) is gone against reclaim deserted and plastic products. Current, this firm association already submitted a statement to all German book assemblyman in European parliament, request their support to revise reclaim with litter relevant code.

Germany is packed with filmy processing factory trade association says, REACH code and European Union have policy completely contrary. The European Union aims to be driven compose built resource 2010 managing model society, and the rubbish classification that REACH code involves reclaims, and asks foreclose procedure is too simple, cannot satisfy each technical requirement of professional manufacturer that is engaged in second birth using treatment. This association expresses, once REACH code is obtained finally,carry out, will make Europe plastic reclaim industry of second birth treatment is in halt condition, will affect the medium dimensions company that in Germany plastic treatment industry holds main body share from this, and post of 10 thousand obtain employment and family. In the meantime, this not only can affect the plastic industry that pack, and the job of whole Europe plastic treatment that meeting general has 40 thousand 1.7 million employee, companies pulls the condition with dim foreground.

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