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Custom is justice black body of quantity of formalities of plastic products exit

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If you are in or the plan does justice black small commodities to export the business, so an interest good news is worth you to pay close attention to particularly. Begin from September 1, declaring at customs when exporting a container, the phenomenon that should fill order of about a hundred tax regulations also won't appear again, because the commodity of date of 8000 many tax regulations will simplify,go to 98. The reporter learns from Hangzhou custom, this is custom total arrange exports the new policy with quantity custom-built body for justice black small commodities.

Go in content of justice black international to shed a center, the car that move back and forth busies one piece. As we have learned, at present " justice black small commodities " export volume of a day achieves 2500 standards container, everyday 1400 container cars are passed from mouth of pipe buckle of local custom inspect, carry is gone to the whole world 212 countries. The small commodities 2006 exports justice black to already amounted to box of 400 thousand mark, become our country's biggest small commodities to export the small commodities distribution centre with base and the greatest whole world.

Hangzhou custom says about the personage, because small commodities is phyletic various, declare at customs in exit before when, save trouble of plan of a lot of companies, often go up in customs declaration a partial small commodities in crate of exit of fill in a form and submit it to the leadership, brought about only money to not agree with so, escape close sheet to wait violate compasses act. "A lot of enterprises are violated involuntarily compasses however frequency enters policy red light, apparent, these violate compasses phenomenon to go against the healthy progress that justice black small commodities exports. " be aimed at this one circumstance, hangzhou custom coordinates port custom, bold put forward to bring into small commodities exit " travel shopping commodity " freight exports mode, carry out simplify a series of brand-new goods such as classify superintend means.

Broad small commodities exports a company, it is this second new politics the biggest be benefited square. "Cost of small commodities goods is low, breed much, export a container to often want to fill order of tax of 100 many commodity, each is filled more troublesome, still can fill a fault occasionally. Simplified this to export formalities, export a container to need to filled bugle call of a few duty to go only. " the new policy that is about to implement to rising today, limited company of freight of international of justice black Hua Hao declares at customs chief money claims repeatedly grandly " good " . He calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter, according to " travel shopping commodity " will declare, cost especially foreign currency cancel after verification is odd this cost falls, "Every ticket can be managing 200 yuan or so " , put forward to custom " apanage is declared " , laoqian expresses, "To our member that declare at customs, need not run back and forth goods can be exported, do not say when the province, the key is save worry. The key is save worry..
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