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Yuyao production of plastic raw materials are not as China Plastics City

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November 9, from the twelfth to the China Plastics Expo upload messages, this plastic Fair fruitful. In the opening of the first day, trading volume has already reached 790 million yuan, an increase of 21%, setting a single-day expo plastic record volume of transactions. Plastic Fair held in place - Yuyao City, the former Museum of Chinese Plastic, Yuyao City Vice Mayor Li Bin told reporters that the 11 th consecutive successful Plastic Fair held in fueling the city's plastics industry is impressive: in 1999 involving the city more than 7,000 plastic companies, the output value was only 16.6 billion; the end of last year, the city has nearly 12,000 companies involved in plastic, the output value of 100 billion yuan, accounting for 51% of total industrial output value, the average annual growth of 19.7%. "To achieve this outcome, in fact, become a butterfly is a process of accumulation." Bin say so. "Butterfly" Key words one: three in one Yuyao Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, according to Li Rongrong introduced Yuyao from the sixties and seventies of last century, there began the tradition of plastic transactions, "that time has focused on the trading of plastic raw materials, and now already had to upgrade to high-tech plastic products." Indeed, like Yuyao, a city does not produce plastic raw materials, plastic products, value can be exceeded 1,000 billion yuan, and the bold slogan "China Plastics City" label, and plastic Fair's success are not unrelated. The Plastic Fair held in Yuyao also led to small appliances industry and fur industry thriving. Li Bin told reporters, held in the past three consecutive annual Yuyao Exhibition: China Plastics Expo, small household electrical appliances expo in China, the Chinese fur exhibition. Three "Guo Zihao" exhibition was held dense, resulting in some waste of resources, "and participants are also likely to have fatigued feeling." This year, Yuyao were integrated into the three exhibitions. On the one hand, the previous local plastic industry expo hall, the introduction of the United States, Glanz and other well-known home appliance manufacturers to come to the exhibition hall which will evolve into a nationwide local industrial plastic products development. On the other hand, changed the original small household electrical appliances exhibition to showcase products and accessories based model, the plastic Fair have plastic raw materials, plastic machinery, plastic mold technology and equipment and other resources as small appliances an important part of the Expo in order to achieve the sharing of resources. "Three," but even more vigorously after the popular, not only greatly improved the number of exhibitors, the exhibition also has a new image quality improved. "In the future we will continue to engage in 'triple play' exhibition, which also increases the savings in manpower and resources instantly popular." "Butterfly" two key words: plastic modification What is "plastic modification"? You may be puzzled. II oil in the booth in the exhibition hall, a staff member in the oil to reporters presented their latest product - the "direct polymerization of polypropylene automobile bumpers." Is the plastic bumper? Yes, the staff member told reporters that the material is out of their own R & D, through the rigid polypropylene plastic modification can greatly enhance the toughness, no longer mixed with other materials, will be able to make just enough toughness bumper of the car. This bumper is most characteristic of fuel-efficient, "light weight, of course, more fuel-efficient cars." This is the current plastic Fair Theme: "plastics modification." According to statistics, this plastic Expo exhibitors modified plastics manufacturers accounted for 51.2%, environmental protection, energy saving high-tech plastic products accounted for 70%.
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