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Lack of rebound force continued to drop even the plastic

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Dalian plastic (LLDPE) futures continued to drop 24. Main 1105 contract opened 11,620 yuan / ton, closing 11,645 yuan / ton, down 150 yuan / ton on volume of 675,600 hand positions to 133,232 hands. Crude oil by overnight Down, worried about the spread of European debt crisis and re-Korean military conflict, while domestic policy was the face of repression in the market, limiting the upward momentum of prices, but support Asian ethylene prices rebounded slightly, still adjusting short-term demand , Or the main wide shocks. New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) crude oil futures in electronic trading in Asia 24 slightly higher, Shouwen 81 U.S. dollars / barrel over the U.S. oil stocks provided support to the market, despite the tensions on the Korean Peninsula the dollar to rise, Market is still waiting for the global trading session later in the U.S. Department of Energy's weekly inventory data released. As Beijing time 11:30, NYMEX 1 month crude futures reported $ 81.63 / barrel, up $ 0.38. The contract fell 22 $ 0.49 to $ 81.25 a barrel, down 0.6%. 23, American Petroleum Institute announced November 19 the week 520 million barrels of crude oil inventories increased, November 19th the week down 49.9 million barrels of gasoline inventories, November 19 week distillate Points fell 31.1 million barrels of oil stocks, the data provide support. Asian ethylene market, stable prices, CFR Northeast Asia, to close at 1009.5-1011.5 22 U.S. dollars / ton, CFR Southeast Asia, to close at 1000.5-1002.5 U.S. dollars / ton. Atmosphere of peace in Northeast Asia. Formosa Petrochemical annual output of 1,030,000 tons cracker Restart the program delayed, bring some good support. In addition, imports of raw naphtha is less than the early stage of the supply a bit nervous. No significant fluctuations in the Southeast Asian market. Data, total imports of China in October PE 534,700 tons, 13.91% reduction of the chain, in October last year (497,000 tons) decreased 7.59%. 1-10 months imported a total of 6,093,100 tons, up 1.68% decrease last year. LDPE Ring than to reduce imports of 83,200 tons 9.28%, 0.84% decrease year on year, this year's total of 1,186,300 tons, an increase of 7.80%. HDPE imports 258,800 tons, 15.36% reduction of the chain, an increase of 7.72% last year, the cumulative 2,902,900 tons, 11.66% reduction. LLDPE imports 192,800 tons, 13.83% reduction of the chain, an increase of 11.49% last year, this year's total of 2.004 million tons, an increase of 10.67%. Ex-factory price of petrochemical enterprises LLDPE were mixed on Tuesday, 7042 offer to 11180-11800 yuan / ton. LLDPE spot market fell slightly, 7042's price range 11000-11400 yuan / ton. Futures limit-down mentality that businesses affected by Record, and the poor performance of downstream demand, then set the intention of the weak, not much volume.
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