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The litter that pack year throw 280 billion yuan

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Want on holidays only, commodity is excessive the problem that pack always is an again and again be mentioned. As commodity excessive the delegate that pack -- , moon cake, succeed eventually this year " thin body " . Recently, total bureau of national qualitative check is right of moon cake market selective examination to show as a result, the moon cake of only 1%% is put in the excessive problem that pack. Moon cake " thin body " , it is commodity is packed only shuck off " China take " forerunner, at present still a lot of commodity are in as before the costly course that pack.

Recently, in market discovery, partial commodity " China take " difficult fade, "Green " pack imperative. In digital product market, the U with a big big toe dish, be installed however go up greatly in bulk in centuple box, the MP3 with a not large volume is packed to lap by tens of times bulk; The market is tasted in health care, the aweto with very few amount is spent by so big purple carve however the silks and satins in the transparent and crystal box in wooden box is being packed; In cosmetic market, almost all shop has great gift box to pack; In market of smoke, wine, tea, excessive packing is become common practice more.

The personage inside course of study points out, excessive pack the social issue that becomes to highlight with each passing day, social all circles is intense to this report. According to introducing, a lot of commodity pack the value that is head and shoulders above commodity itself, the enormous waste that creates resource on one hand -- concerned branch statistic, our country is annual only the shirt box that pack amounts to 240 thousand tons with paper quantity, be equivalent to cutting the tree with wide mouth of 1.68 million bowls; Brought an environment to pollute on the other hand -- the rubbish that our country produces every year, having 30 % is the litter that pack; In addition, increased the economic burden of consumer again.

Data shows, in the rubbish of 200 million tons of life that our country produces every year, have 40 million tons of packing, having a lot of among them is excessive pack, and pack litter every year to throw away for nothing only 280 billion yuan. What do 280 billion yuan mean? Follow the total investment related Beijing Olympic Games 7 years directly equally at preparing. According to statistic, sheet is Beijing in nearly 3 million tons of rubbish that arises every year, the packing of all sorts of commodity makes an appointment with 830 thousand tons, among them 600 thousand tons are belonged to but managing excessive packing.

The expert expresses, the purpose that commodity packs is commodity of protection, beautification, increase the market competition ability of commodity, but excessive pack wasteful resource, aggravate environment is polluted, also harm the interest of consumer, abet the unhealthy tendency of consumption of costly waste, deformation, and apparently with advocate managing model the concept such as environmental protection of society and circular economy, support fails to meet each other. Accordingly, to excessive pack, the country ought to insist to say through legislative measure " not " .
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