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Preferential conclude abandons Nanhai old plastic reclaim course of study

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As " foreign rubbish inbreaks " the destination in the hearsay, area of Fosan city Nanhai begins to keep clear of violate of compasses useless old plastic reclaim enterprise.

Neat go into battle of 1000 staff members

Recently, town of area of Nanhai of city of Guangdong province Fosan, big drop begins proper repair big drop to abandon old plastic trade jointly special operation, by area, town two class industrial and commercial, public security, environmental protection, administration executes the law the combination that waits for composition of branch of 20 many function executes the law group, dispatched that day in the action many 1200 staff member, after this closed down inside two days inside big drop town nearly 1000 are violated compasses those who manage is useless old plastic reclaim enterprise.

Close down this the activity begins at 19 days in the morning 8 when 30 minutes, by Nanhai area appoint bright assume personal command directs Liu Jian of members of standing committee. According to action deploy, cent of many 1200 staff member is 24 groups. The action begins, each groups execute the law the situation that personnel reachs according to survey control, to violate compasses management shop to advance.

Continue to produce to prevent to violate compasses owner, execute the law personnel is unified check buckled the manufacturing tool inside inn, power supply and water supply section are special also the measure that to closing down shop, storehouse implemented power cut, cut off the water supply.

According to Feng Yongkang of Nanhai area deputy warden to " daily of the first finance and economics " introduce, this month 20 finished stop production to close down a few days ago after the job, function branch will begin to have the investigation of the respect such as environmental protection, wholesome, safety to be suspected of violating compasses enterprise, ban strictly according to the regulation violate compasses management enterprise.

Be located in Guangzhou, Fosan the sea area austral the Fosan city of the region is large among two big cities village of 滘 of drop town couplet, nearly 20 will gather for years numerous reclaim useless old plastic industry. Rubbish of couplet 滘 village reclaims although the industry gained certain considerable benefit, but also brought environmental pollution and safe production hidden trouble.

The near future, have abroad medium with " foreign rubbish invades couplet 滘 village in a large-scale " undertook reportorial wantonly for content. Afore-mentioned abroad media report, the world's greatest steamer " Aima Mashiji " date is in after carrying Christmas gift to Europe, be fully loaded with carry of 170 thousand tons of foreign rubbish to go to Chinese Guangdong at present couplet 滘 village. This makes what couplet 滘 village walked along international public opinion to pay close attention to at a draught the most downstage.

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