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Stage city plastic pattern provides an industry to develop fluoroscopy

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It is early ten years ago, stage city has name of these two canorous: "Plastic products is regnal " and " the countryside of the mould " , plastic mould industry makes area pillar industry. Come from city classics appoint a data says: To 2003, company of whole town plastic production 9472, realize gross value of industrial output 27 billion yuan, hold whole town 10.6% , hold complete province 1/4 of plastic industry sales revenue. Among them dimensions enterprise 240, it is the pillar industry that whole town has development latent capacity most. Manufacturing industry of mould of whole 2003 town achieves sales revenue 3.85 billion yuan, 8% what take the throughout the country.

Plastic treatment: From the life project of the expect that use model is used plastic

The expert points out, the industrial correlation of plastic mould industry is spent big, drive force strong, extroversion is spent tall, develop plastic mould industry to be helpful for helping the development that uses other trade, drive the adjustment of industrial structure. This is the advantage place of industry of whole and plastic mould.

In stage city, in the product that numerous plastic treatment company produces, the life is occupied with plastic products 60% , hold steam concurrently rub plastic fittings (at present domestic footplate car each are truckload of the factory 70% plastic offer by stage state company) , building materials is used plastic article, pack with plastic article, farming fishing is used plastic article, medical treatment is used plastic article, the other such as toy and handicraft is plastic article. The life uses content of plastic science and technology and additional cost on the low side, dimensions enterprise begins to use plastic product from the life stage by stage exit in the market, main attack project is industrial plastic products production.

A typical case is jade peak group. With a lot of enterprises, only then starting the jade peak group 1979 is from the daily expense with manufacturing technology inferior administrative levels plastic products begins, if the development like emerge rises,plastic products produces the daily expense of city of after this stage, aggravate the market inside the industry competes. Last centuries at the beginning of 90 time, jade peak group captures electric home appliances
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