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Model film market brings opportunity for flexible package enterprise

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According to media coverage, in last few years, because executed the act such as the powerful powerful combination, collaboration that cross a state, the plastic industry that pack had the world new development, output of the material that pack, product that pack grows smoothly, package new material, new technology, new technology, new product ceaseless emerge in large numbers. The rapid development of international film market brought rare opportunity to flexible package enterprise.
On a filmy seminar that holds in the near future, the delegate of on the world a few bigger filmy production companies points out: Squeezing film in all is to pack the technology with filmy newest industry to develop Peekay of manager of business of United States of trend FlexAmerica company
Kasturia expresses, squeeze film in all besides have tall cut off the gender can use as beyond plasma coating material, still have better diaphaneity, hot sealing and composing black-and-white flexibility, , and what this kind of film uses is common printing ink and coating. He still thinks, stem from environmental protection consideration, the ply that squeezes film in all reduced 40gauge from 48gauge, the intensity of its itself can have instead bigger rise. AETFilms company had developed this kind to squeeze film in all. LeiShton Derr of this company CTO says: "Presswork as flexible package turn to high definition to presswork, · empty illumination and soft imprint the technology holds new market share, AET company had excogitated new-style drawing polypropylene (OPP) squeezes film in all, will satisfy all sorts of application requirement. " 3 kinds can undertake retrorse black-and-white three-layer squeezes OPP to although have,pack film in all presswork identically layer, but it is for specific utility design however. T5323, 3 be squeeze film of slip sex OPP one kind in all, use at packing food of fastfood, bake and Italian cooked wheaten food to wait. PST, 2 be squeeze film of the hot OPP that seal a gender one kind in all, the heat that is used at the product such as food of fastfood, candied, bake and Italian cooked wheaten food seals a gender to pack. And RDS is one kind squeezes film of OPP of Leng Feng sex in all, use at packing candy and food of strong record nutrition to wait normally.
John Felinski of president of Filmquest group company advanced squeeze in all film and mixture polymer calls together " new generation polyester film " . He still complements: "Accept rice dispersive technology has composite material and accept rice to develop prospect well. Corn film and the commercial application with filmy PLA had gained a few successes, to match specific printing ink, coating and solidify system, the polyester film that processes via chemistry is in development phase. The polyester film that processes via chemistry is in development phase..
Inn#viaFilms company label and presswork (the United States) EdJenkins of sectional selling manager thinks, the biaxial stretching polypropylene that can squeeze model (BOPP) film is on the market one kind of new-style film. This kind of film combined the double advantage of PE and BOPP. This company is new rolled out two kinds high-powered the capable person of BOPP label face that can push model is filmy. Among them, rayoface™ The white color patch that VTT film is a kind of high yield signs face capable person, can shorten the difference between low cost film and high-tech synthesis paper, basically reach for industry, chemical, content shedding carry wait for label domain and design, apply at outdoors stick mark or DIY product label, be in especially moistureproof, prevent oil and prevent chemical caustic requirement to compare tall situation. Ray#face™ WZPA film is one kind uses white dye of Tu Bu but ability of surface of extruding filmy label, its characteristic was using a kind of new-style polymeric technology at it, the vinyl that is a tradition and polyethylene base of label material replace a product. Film of this kind of printable applies to all common printing ink, also suit at all sorts of pressworking means. In addition, inn#via Hims company still rolled out Ray#face&# 8482; VPA, Ray#face™ The film such as WTT in order to satisfy market demand.
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