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The plastic building materials with the biggest southwest is produced and sell b

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17 days, regard our country southwest as research and development of the biggest plastic building materials, production and sale base, ming Yang industrial district of Guangxi Nanning city first 100 million yuan of projects, trade of labour of Guangxi beautiful benefit limited company is formal practice.

Sun Daguang of deputy director general of farming cultivate bureau says the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, this project is the 2nd China - east alliance exposition signs the capital attraction project that arrange, always invest 1 . 500 million yuan, the plan sells the dimensions of 50 thousand tons of plastic building materials in year after year of the body inside 3 years of time, southwest of product radiate our country, China in area, export east alliance.

Sun Daguang says: "The completion of this project and start, the development of course of study of plastic to Guangxi building materials has decisive effect, it indicates plastic market tubal material goes a Guangxi into science and technology to change from now on, the way that this locality changes development.

As we have learned, this project first phase throws 80 million yuan, already formed the dimensions that produces per year 20 thousand tons, the product enclothes PVC, PE, PPR, PAP to give drainpipe material, electrical engineering electric power bushing, municipal conduit, conduit burning gas and its fittings domain.

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