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GE is plastic be faced with the oil in selling to share contest prize of purpose

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Message of city PITTSFIELD of Zhu Sai of American horse Sa (on January 16, 2007) Jack Welch of the president before legend character is general and electric and currently hold the post ofpresident Jeff Immelt the general and electric subsidiary that Ceng Zhi palm crosses plastic group is faced with GE sell.

Plastic group officer rejects the GE that headquarters is located in Pittsfield of city of Zhu Sai of American horse Sa to be judged to this matter buy, but published on January 8 " wall street daily " report one piece, GE is plastic with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. The company searchs the person that buy together. The price that this report estimates GE is plastic is 10 billion dollar (78 billion yuan of RMBs) .

GE is plastic it is one of business of production of the world's greatest polycarbonate, ABS and other project colophony, its the sale of before 2006 9 months is 5 billion dollar about (39 billion yuan of RMBs) , profit is 560 million dollar (4.37 billion yuan of RMBs) . Sale is compared on year the corresponding period rose 1% , but gross profit dropped than 2005 13% . Raw material (if regard PC and ABS as the benzene of the body before production is main) of the price rise block up the earnings ability with plastic GE.

Actually, the talk that plastic to GE inside plastic course of study likelihood sells already lasted at least one year, but company official gives all the time deny. Now " wall street daily " report -- the specific description of the part that includes Goldman Sachs company and contest bid process -- make GE sells his plastic subsidiary this one hearsay becomes be without be concerned about.

Many markets observe the home thinks, be as high as 10 billion dollar (78 billion yuan of RMBs) estimation price makes GE is bought plasticly square probable it is firm of banking of person of one family property, is not the competitor inside plastic course of study. Abundant actual strength assumes this one private equity that a large amount of trading the company of Bain Capital LLC that the company includes headquarters to be located in American Boston, and the Blackstone group that is located in new York, Kohlerg Kravis Roberts&Co. Company and company of Apollo Management LP.

Total position rests closely at the United States the company of advisory company P&M Corporate Finance LLC of a city's listed list shows, the home is bought to include Basifuji inside probable cause company of chemistry of family name of round, contented, Du Bang company, Rohm&Haas Co. Company of company, industry of sand spy base (Sabic) group of the oil in mixing. Other information source calls India omnibus group Reliance Industries Ltd. The company is participated in possibly also bid.

Oil participates in contest mark be related to make a person cause in think, because this company is cooperating with GE plastic group,manufacturer of a polycarbonate is built in Chinese north. Oil will offer producer goods for this factory in. Polycarbonate market of China with of 10% year add fast progress. Oil is state-owned company in, mixing is a country likewise the polyethylene that the petrifaction in some is controlling China together and polypropylene production.
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