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Useless old plastic derive development perspective is wide

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Useless plastic mix with fly ash can make a building use watt. Use second birth of useless expanded plastics to use a technology especially, the modifier of liquid of low boiling point that adds the useless polystyrene expanded plastics after disappear bubble regular dose, vesicant, stabilizing agent, horniness polystyrene expanded plastics is made after waiting for craft to handle via heating board. This kind board can use alone, also can be in the reoccupy after shaping is thin make it of apply of aluminium board bag is aluminous model board. Function of its heat preservation is very good, won't create frost and knot dew appearance, and can reduce project cost, construction operation is convenient. Because this is in northward heating area, the warming plate of polystyrene expanded plastics that this method place produces is very welcome.

Additional, but will useless plastic and direct smash, crowded model shapes for " model wood " new material. This kind of material is used extensive, ash-bin of the indoor furniture, guard against theft outdoor, horticultural establishment is play " model wood " the director's product. Make its become a kind of raw material from a kind of rubbish, achieve circular economy truly.

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