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After the roller coaster market experience senses of plastic packaging industr

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BOPP brewing industry in the October rally, the market in early November by leaps and bounds and quickly touch the top down, taking most of the gains late in the 15,000 yuan / ton to form within a narrow range center. Inertia is expected to decline in December after the price is still ascribed to the possibility of the central economic work conference may lead to good policy, while the production enterprises are also facing the last sprint in 2010. Other plastic packaging materials is a fundamental of the stock market finished lower, BOPET upside from the development effort of about 27,000 in 3000, driven by rising polyester chips, the film points the highest bid rushed 29000-31000 yuan / ton; but the good times is still not long . Price stability in the country to combat excessive speculation in the policy, coupled with the bank shrink the money supply, recycling of liquidity, commodity markets down quickly. Gates of fire, affecting the fish, the membrane is also the wave of price decline to follow suit, by the end of November BOPET price has dropped to around 27,000, low turnover in the vicinity of 26500. Vertigo roller coaster of the stock market a lot of market participants. BOPA 3,000 guild decided to raise prices almost aborted the motion, the market rose substantially difficult. Soaring prices, the state has adopted a series of regulatory policies, instruments rarely seen in history of the spicy. Nov. 24 Development and Reform Commission three bursts of text to deploy to stabilize prices, and strictly control excessive speculation; shrink the money supply, China, respectively, on January 12 this year, February 25 and May 10 were 3 times to raise the deposit reserve ratio 17%, and in October 20 had a rate hike. Hot commodity futures market speculation thrown "trump card", the domestic commodity futures exchange in the containment of inflation expectations are hard to bid farewell to the macro-background ratio of less than 10% of margin-digit age. Cancellation fee concessions and increase transaction security will cause some short-term speculative capital speculation costs, lead futures companies to change business models to drive the futures market to obtain a smooth and orderly development of healthy and stable future. Effect of these measures was, has been a marked decline in the futures market, spot market is still conducted in the market outlook is expected to stabilize or mainly within a narrow range. Plastic packaging market in the spike, the business operations senses. Skyrocketing prices, the plant raw material procurement more difficult, costs, and increase end-consumer is restricted, processing corporate profits shrink; BOPP film rose to 18,000 from 14,000, or 28.57%, the average profit was seriously engulfed processing plant, or even negative profits, the terminal products, barely able to raise prices of production, not to mention cost pressures from the forced, only the parking break. Market crash, the market is bleak, only sellers and no buyers, thin trading, stocks gradually from a vicious circle, only a continuous fall. Until early December, there are still a lot of SMEs do not fall from the soaring prices to get out, break down the minority. December 2nd soaring international crude oil and commodity prices generally moved the center of gravity, plastic packaging film through the narrow pull-up test after finishing the sign. However, this action is difficult to boost the weak purchasing the plant downstream of enthusiasm, low turnover mostly traders to cover short positions, showing that the market still doubts this price range, the operation is less active, rational mind. Close of the year, some companies face an inherent requirement of return of funds, some companies are trying one last shot, sprint 2010. In mid-December is expected to be significant turning point of the market, BOPP processing fee is about 3,000 times in the past, film producers or will be reflected in the final sprint on the market. BOPET industry focus on the release of 2011 production capacity more than a psychological preparation, packaging films general downward trend in prices, but the capacitor membrane, thin film solar cell back reinforced aluminum-based film and special-purpose applications will lead the BOPET film industry to high-tech, high value-added direction and a bright future.
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